Adriana Gallo

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Published November 09, 2019

In her video, Adriana Gallo says: “I’m more trained as a painter but have found that my painterly approach wound up being less descriptive and more sculptural, or materially oriented, like frosting on a cake … painting a wall felt truer than depicting something within a window. … I think about an art practice as that — it’s practice, or, in terms of a craft, you’re developing a lifelong skill-set, and there’s no end point, so there’s no reason to stall, necessarily. It feels satisfying to me to work with … material and physical objects. So if I can set up parameters for myself and rules, then there’s sort of an easy entry point. It doesn’t feel like the product itself is what matters. It’s really the experience of generating this thing that you don’t necessarily even have to show to anybody else.” Gallo, of Milan, Italy; Boston; and Providence, Rhode Island, now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Interview, camera and production by RH Alcott

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