Street Talk: Fall Art in the Park

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Published in the Rutland Herald / Times Argus October 19, 2019

Carrie Pill, Rutland

Carrie Pill, October 13, 2019

RH: Carrie! You know, with all the trouble in the world today, how do you find your personal happiness?

CP: Painting. 

RH: Painting! That’s what you’re doing right now! You must be on top of the world —

CP: It helps. It’s very therapeutic. I also really enjoy sharing art with others, hosting paint and sip classes at home in my studio and — yeah, art is good for the world. We need more art, so I’m all about sharing that with others.

RH: Carrie, what’s your favorite breakfast cereal?

CP: Breakfast cereal! I hadn’t had it for years, and I recently bought a box of Golden Grahams. They taste like Graham crackers in a cereal. It’s amazing.

Ruth Sangree, Ashford, Connecticut

Ruth Sangree

I’ve been coming up here for what seems like a dozen years now, twice a year, August and October. I just love coming up here to be in Vermont for the long weekend. I teach fourth grade also. And what’s nice about teaching fourth grade is, you feel like you have an impact on the children. You’re trying to teach them things that will help them be better people in the world.

RH: Ruth, what kind of cereal do you like for breakfast?

RS: I like my own homemade granola. You know, there’s obviously an oats base. I put a ton of nuts in, all different types of nuts — dried cranberries, any kind of berry I have that’s dried. I put in honey and other things

 Lynn D. Pratt, Pawlet

Lynn D. Pratt

Painting is my happy place. I love just sitting down and really getting into the details. I paint super-photorealistic, so I really just like sitting and painting, and I can kind of black everything else out going on around me. My all-time favorite breakfast cereal? Candy corn.

RH: Candy corn? Isn’t that a candy? That’s not a cereal!

LP: Doughnuts. Definitely doughnuts.

RH: That’s not a cereal either! Like Corn Flakes, Rice Crispies, like that.

LP: Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

RH: Oh, yeah? What do you like about that? Is it the crunch? Or is it the cinnamon toast?

LP: Both. It’s like candy!

KJ Rhodes, Brandon

KJ Rhodes, October 13, 2019

I’m happy everyday if I can put my feet on the floor and breathe air, and be vertical — life’s a good day. 

RH: What else makes you happy? You like TV? You like movies? You like music?

KJ: Dogs, and animals. … They have all kinds of antics. They’re good company, and they like to go for walks, and they like to be outdoors.

RH: What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?

KJ: Grape-Nuts.

RH: I love those! If you can’t find Grape-Nuts, you get those knock-off Nutty Nuggets, the generics.

KJ: We used to call them the ghetto cereal.

RH: The cheap Grape-Nuts. Barley and salt. 

Thom Cassotta, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Two art shows and smoke a little bit of pot. 

RH: Halloween coming, just a couple of weeks now. What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

TC: I don’t do candy at all, so I have to say apples. 

RH: When you were a kid, you must have liked candy then.

TC: Well, I guess chocolate. Chocolate bars, stuff like that.

Kelly Gearwar

Kelly Gearwar, Killington

I get myself out in nature. It’s what makes me happy, going for a walk, even around the lake, into the woods, just down a simple trail, listening to the quiet — that’s what makes me happy. … I can pretty much go right out my back door. … We get a lot of people from New York City who come up to Vermont specifically for that.

RH: Your favorite breakfast cereal?

KG: I don’t eat cereal any more, but when I was a kid it was Cocoa Pebbles.

RH: Is that like a Flintstones-related product? 

KG: Yeah, exactly. 

RH: Pebbles and Bam Bam?

KG: Yeah!

RH: Got it. Thanks very much, Kelly, thanks for talking with Street Talk!

KG: You’re welcome! No problem. Thank you.

Interview, camera and production by RH Alcott

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