Krista Labella

August 25, 2019

Visit to see Krista’s Talking Pictures video.

“I make work about the fat female body. I’m a sculptor turned photographer, and I use my own body in my work now. … It was actually a health issue. I put on a lot of weight all of a sudden, and at the time I didn’t know there was actually something wrong. And I was, like, ‘What’s my body doing? Why’s it changing? And it made me, like, super self-aware of like how much space I was taking up, and just like that change in my own body, and I was, like, ‘Let’s just make art about it.” I feel like it’s easy to make art about something that is close to you and then a lot of other people can also relate to.”

Krista LaBella Her Pleasure


Camera and production by RH Alcott

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