Dr. Alan Betts, Pittsford, Vt.

Watch video at bit.ly/0924AlanBetts

Dr. Alan Betts, of Atmospheric Research in Pittsford, affirms after hearing teenage Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg speak at the United Nations and just days after the protest organization Extinction Rebellion with 100,000 followers shut down busy thoroughfare Sunset Boulevard  in Hollywood, California, that fossil fuel developers and the governments that support them must become more accountable for the rapid destruction of the biosphere in which all sentient life on Earth dwells. Betts unequivocally says “Climate change and the extinction of species has become an existential crisis for humanity, the first one on a a grand scale, on a global scale, which we have to deal with even though there is a huge vested interest in trying to protect business as usual.”

Interview, camera and production by RH Alcott

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