Yasmeen Abdallah, New York City

August 26, 2019

Click here to see Yasmeen’s Abdallah’s video

Yasmeen Abdallah is an interdisciplinary teaching artist, curator, and professor, exploring socio-political issues within contemporary culture, and utilizing discarded/found objects, images and text as source material. She said, “I think (artists) have a privilege of doing what we love, and I think it’s our responsibility in a way to think about the issues that are facing people all around the world and how we can use our art as a platform to bring to light these issues and to spread awareness and education. I believe I try to make my art a very democratic way of art-making and experiencing, so I try to do a lot of work that focuses on social justice and issues of agency and activism to get people from all different generations engaged and actively attuned to the things that are happening, and getting them energized in order to create movement and change because we really need it, no matter what your station in life.”


Camera and interview by RH Alcott.

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