Street Talk: All summer long

Amanda Van Eps

Amanda Van Eps, Rutland

RH: Amanda, what’s the most fun you’ve had all summer?

AVE: All summer. I don’t know — Just enjoying the general Vermont splendor out in the woods. 

RH: Where do you like to go?

AVE: Everywhere! Killington, Deer’s Leap, Bomoseen — everywhere. 

 RH: Are you a long-distance hiker? Do you like to go on the trails?

AVE: I do — I like to do a few trails. Sometimes I like to go find some waterfalls. 

RH: Well, a lot of people are saying summer’s over, this is it, but you know there’s at least another month, technically, officially, another month, and beyond that — October, parts of November are pretty gorgeous here in Vermont. 

AVE: Absolutely. I feel like our seasons have shifted a little bit, so we’ll have a little of bit of time before that first snowfall, I feel like.

Jonathan Glinski

Jonathan Glinski, Rutland

All summer, it’s got to be the Vermont State Fair at the Rutland Fairgrounds. I live right across the street, and if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

RH: What was your favorite event, favorite experience this year out at the fair?

JG: Definitely Willie T’s Barbecue. 

RH: So summer ain’t over. There’s still plenty more to go. Still a lot of big fun to be had out there. Do you have any plans for the rest of the season? What kind of adventures do you want to get into in the next couple of weeks?

JG: In the next couple of weeks, I’m definitely going to find a little bit of water and do some camping — might go up to Chittenden Brook and just enjoy the fall weather coming ahead.

Sarah Robles

Sarah Robles, Castleton

Vacation, of course. We just went to Wisconsin. We lived there for 10 years before we moved here in October.

RH: Oh, so you’re a recent transplant from Wisconsin to Vermont. What’s the difference?

SR: The mountains. Everything else is pretty much the same.

RH: Wisconsin don’t got no mountains?

SR: Nope. Completely flat. 

RH: But you’ve got cows.

SR: Oh, yes! And cheese. And snow. 

RH: So that’s similar. We’ve got cows. We’ve got snow. What kind of geological features does Wisconsin have that Vermont doesn’t have?

SR: Corn?

Debbie Boyce, Brandon

RH: Ticks! Now, we should be vigilant about this. What do you do when you’ve been in the woods and you get home and you think you might have some?

DB: The first thing you should do is to stand next to your dryer, and take off your clothes, and throw everything into the dryer. Turn it on to the hottest heat, full cycle, and that will kill the ticks. That does the trick. You should not jump into the dryer yourself. Have your significant other, your mom, your dad, check your body for ticks, a little speck on your body, jump into the shower. You get it right away before it starts sucking your blood. That’s what they want. And right now, ticks are coming back alive because they’re looking for warm bodied hosts to jump on into your body, into your pant leg. So when you’re walking, you should tuck your pants into your socks, and you should wear long-sleeved shirts, not only for ticks, but for mosquitoes. The other thing you should do if you’re an avid person as a hiker, an outdoors person, you should be washing your clothes in permethrin. One wash will last six to eight wears and that will keep the ticks off. The other thing is to spray with 40% DEET. There is homeopathic remedies, whichever brand you like, please go ahead and do that.  We do a once a month TV show, “Be Aware To Be Prepared,” on PEG-TV. You can google that for video on demand, and you can get information year ’round.

Kara Bronson, left, and Shannon Flynn

Shannon Flynn and Kara Bronson

RH: Ladies, what’s the most fun you’ve had all summer?

SF: Grey Fox.

KB: Grey Fox.

SF: Yeah. It’s a bluegrass festival in New York, and we were there spinning crepes. It’s a big dance party, a big festival, a fun crowd.

KB: Definitely a very family friendly, homey vibe. People say that every year, whether you’ve been there for your first year or 20 years, it’s like going back home, and you definitely feel that as soon as you get there.

SF: Oh, my God, yeah. It’s great.  

Heather Case

Heather Case, Rutland

Probably all of the place where you can go swimming, from White’s Pool  to Northwood Pool, to a variety of state parks.

RH: What state parks did you go to this year?

HC:  We went to Echo Lake, to Emerald Lake — I work with a group of kids, so we went to whatever state park is the closest.

RH: What’s your favorite way to swim? Australian crawl? Is it breast stroke, back stroke, dead man’s float? 

HC: Floating on your back!

RH: In the sunshine, on a summer’s day.

Kim Wortman, Rutland

Kim Wortman

Probably, I had a lot of fun downtown at Friday Night Live, and concert in the park was great as well. 

RH: What was you favorite concert this summer?

KW: Aaron Audet Band. Yeah. They were great.

RH: There’s still plenty of fun to be had. Do you have any plans for the rest of the summer?

KW: I don’t have any plans yet because I go back to school Monday. My summer’s basically over, so I came here to enjoy this, to kind of go out with a bang. I work at Northeast School, so I go back to my job.

RH: You work there — you’re not a student. I was going to ask what are you studying.

KW: I studied psychology when I did go to school.

RH: Uh-huh. Did that help you?

KW (chuckling): I’m not quite sure yet! Still working on it!

Nanci Gordon

Nanci Gordon, Rutland Town

For me, the very most fun would be going to see Ringo Starr in New York City this weekend. This past weekend.

RH: The last time I talked with you —

NG: I know! 

RH: A year ago, you were on your way to see —

NG: Ringo Starr! I did that.

RH: You just can’t get enough.

NG: Never!

RH: Peace and love. Who’s playing with him this year?

NG:  Peace and love. This year it’s Hamish Stuart of Average White Band and Colin Hay of Men at Work, and Greg Rolie of Santana and Steve Lukather of Toto.

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