Xingze Li, Brooklyn, New York

August 24, 2019

Video: Click here to see and hear Xingze Li tell the story in his own words.

Xingze Li, of Brooklyn, New York, was artist in residence during August 2019 with 77Art in Rutland, Vermont. He earned his master of fine arts degree at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. About the process of making his paintings, he says, “Sort of, it’s a torture doing the work. You never know what is the end point, and you never liked it, and also things never did go as well as you planned. There are all kinds of issues or accidents during the process. And when you finish it, you actually are not sure is that actually completely finished, so you’ve left it there in the corner and after a month, and you look back, oh, it actually looks not bad. So then, it’s my work.”

Camera and interview by RH Alcott

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