Samantha Eckert, East Barre, Vt.

August 28, 2019

Play the audio to hear Sam Eckert’s story in her own words.

East Barre artist Samantha Eckert says, “They’re Popsicle sticks that I first lay out, and I scorch them with a propane torch. Before I build the towers or the sculptures, they’re all scorched. … They’re all chaotic, but they do have a sort of symmetry as well.” Eckert’s sculptures are not tabletop miniatures. She says, “The first time I made them for my thesis exhibit, I made 10 and they ranged from about 8 feet to 12 feet, and clustered together they sort of evoke city ruins.” The towers represent ancestors as well. Eckert says, “My older sisters were all artists of some kind. My mom studied art, and she had her degree in art education, so she always used to sketch us when we were little.” She says she can’t help but be conscious of her family and her ancestors’ blood within her, which is why she feels compelled to make artworks. “I’ve always been a maker,” she says.


Camera and production by RH Alcott

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