Sarah Stefana Smith

August 24, 2019

See video:

Sarah Stefana Smith, from Washington, D.C., was artist in residence in August 2019 with 77Art in Rutland, Vermont. She works in photography, sculpture and installation. In her artist’s statement, Smith talks about how art as a political endeavor enables the creation of possibility in light of inequality and violence.

She uses bird and deer netting on which to project her photographs, adding physical dimension and depth to the presentation. It serves a metaphorical purpose as well.

Smith says “For me, the material that I use functions as a broader set of questions that I get to explore around what does it mean to think about space and place, what does it mean to think about African-American presence in space and place, and kind of what are some of the ways that people think about belonging in community.”

Smith received her doctorate from the University of Toronto (2016) and her master of fine arts degree from Goddard College (2010). She is a postdoctoral fellow at American University where she teaches in the Critical Race, Gender and Cultural Studies Collaborative and in studio art.

Camera and production by RH Alcott

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