Bob Eberth

August 23, 2019

Bob Eberth, of Whitehall, New York, a U.S. Air Force veteran, a native of Queens, New York, says, “I’ve was writing for about six or seven years, and then I stopped writing for 10 and just picked up two years ago.” He says, “Some bad things happened, and I just kind of got burned out and just needed to get back in a situation where things were right again.” His medium is poetry, the metered line. Many of his poems are about a woman called Matilda, born right around the turn of the 20th century, orphaned at a tender age, living “in a little fishing village somewhere close to the Canadian border but still on this side.” The Matilda poems chronicle her life through more than a century and are framed from her point of view.

o’dark thirty

what happens at o’dark thirty

when midnight is hours past

and save for the light of a single lamp

the house is all dark and quiet

it’s the time when you sit reading long into the night

and the words on each passing page fills your mind

with ideas images & thoughts that will last a lifetime

midnight- it may be the witching hour

but o’dark thirty — at least for matilda

is a time only dreamers know

— Bob Eberth, October 2018, Whitehall, New York

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