Kevin Blow, KB Machine, Pittsford, Vt.

June 12, 2019
Kevin Blow

“I was a co-owner of Blow’s Service Station, right across from the fairgrounds in Rutland, and we had closed that business, and we started this business up, and I started doing line boring for Markowski Excavation.  And a lot of people asked me if I would do that kind of work for them. I didn’t have the equipment, so I went out, and I bought the equipment. I’ve been doing this stuff for probably about 5 years. And I’ve been doing metal fabrication and machining for probably 10. I loved it, and so it’s kind of a niche, you know, fixing and repairing stuff for people — stuff that’s unfixable, thought to be unfixable, I try to fix. I just started doing this and offering it. Apparently, there’s nobody in Vermont that I am aware of that does this type of business, so hopefully, I’ll get busy from it once things pick up. One of my sons is actually doing this stuff with me, so we’ll be busy once we get going.” 

Kevin Blow, of Pittsford, is owner and proprietor of KB Machine. 

Interview and camera by RH Alcott

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